JinJu Patisserie assorted desserts

JinJu Patisserie Desserts

At JinJu Patisserie you can treat your sweet tooth to our delicious assortment of unique flavored desserts. Enjoy decadent chocolate pastries or try our one-of-a-kind brown-kie cookies. We have creamy cheesecake and beautifully prepared fruit or savory tarts. All our desserts and pastries are created by our award-winning pastry chefs.

Our petite gateaux (little cakes) are made with unique flavor combinations using the freshest, all-natural ingredients. These little cakes will delight all your senses.

Come in and try our tasty desserts or savor one our exceptional pastries with a cup of our Nossa Familia coffee.

JinJu Matcha and black forest single serve cake and hazelnut tart